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Episode 3 – International COVID-19 Discussion

On a very special episode of Since We’re On The Subject: 3:00 – Coronavirus update from Hong Kong16:00 – “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”23:45 – Advice from Coach O33:48 – “You don’t need that much toilet paper, y’all.”36:38 – Corona memes45:32 – Shoutouts to our many, many listeners!

Episode 2 – We gotta get this bug.

On this week’s episode 1:20 – “While Your Were Sleeping” – a look at the news that broke while Tim was sleeping in Hong Kong.12:15 – “Going Viral” – WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!14:20 – A call from President Trump17:45 – “Be Kind, Rewind” – our take on the classic movie “Outbreak.”37:00 – LSU Sports callbacks43:35 –Continue reading “Episode 2 – We gotta get this bug.”

Welcome to…Since We're On The Subject

Coming from the Deep South and the Far East, this is the only global podcast discussing a stir-fried gumbo of topics. Three dudes. Two continents. One podcast. Blake, Matt, and Tim met in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the late 80s. They formed friendships in the early 90s, attended LSU in the late 90s, got marriedContinue reading “Welcome to…Since We're On The Subject”