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Episode 40 – Where Everybody Knows Your Name

On today’s episode, we have a little fun calling up the Cheers Bar in Boston and talk with Marcus at the front desk. He gives us some updates on business there and how big of a hotspot Cheers has been over the years. We then get a quick update on Hurricane Laura, which makes landfallContinue reading “Episode 40 – Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

Episode 39 – Are We (Really) Ready For Some Football?

On today’s episode, we talk about the upcoming SEC Football Season* and all the implications that are involved with trying to play football in the middle of a global pandemic. Will there be fans in the stands (with cans in their hands)? Will there be tailgating? Will this season change college football forever?!? If ourContinue reading “Episode 39 – Are We (Really) Ready For Some Football?”

Episode 38 – Hanging On By a Thread

On today’s episode, college football is on life support and is hanging on by a thread. It needs some help from the fans! But how can we cheer for our favorite team if we can’t be at the games? We hear some folks who have figured out a solution! We talk with the team atContinue reading “Episode 38 – Hanging On By a Thread”

Episode 37 – Bringing Back the Magic (with Herb Tyler)

On today’s episode, we talk with former LSU quarterback, Herb Tyler. Back in the mid ’90s, Herb helped “Bring Back the Magic” to LSU, which ushered in the current golden era of LSU Football. He had an amazing career and consistently dazzled the fans with his great “scootablilty”. He was kind enough to come onContinue reading “Episode 37 – Bringing Back the Magic (with Herb Tyler)”

Episode 36 – I’m So Excited!

On today’s episode, to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Weird Science, we call up the last remaining Blockbuster on Earth (4:15)! Then, we discuss totally awesome 80s movies and reminisce on some great nostalgia (9:58). After that, we do a deep dive in to “Saved By The Bell” on our “Be Kind, Rewind” segment (24:03).Continue reading “Episode 36 – I’m So Excited!”

Episode 35 – Call It a Comeback!

On today’s episode, we’re calling it comeback! Everyone loves a good comeback story and today we’re celebrating some great ones, including the greatest comeback of the year – sports! We get into some deep discussion about the effects of COVID-19 on the sports world and what this fall sports season might look like with theContinue reading “Episode 35 – Call It a Comeback!”

Episode 34 – Holy Cow! (with Jim Hawthorne)

On today’s episode, we talk with legendary LSU Sports Broadcaster and former Voice of the Tigers, Jim Hawthorne. He shares some stories from his early days, how he got into broadcasting, and what eventually brought him to LSU. This episode is jam-packed with great stories that Jim shares with us. We go from the LouisianaContinue reading “Episode 34 – Holy Cow! (with Jim Hawthorne)”

Episode 33 – 2019 LSU vs. Alabama LIVE Watch Party

On today’s episode, we’re doing it LIVE! That’s right, it’s a Since We’re On The Subject Watch Party and we’re re-watching the 2019 LSU vs. Alabama Game, with a little help from our friends. We talk with some of our buddies from around the US, we get a call from our favorite teacher from middleContinue reading “Episode 33 – 2019 LSU vs. Alabama LIVE Watch Party”

Episode 32 – It’s Crunch Time

On today’s episode, the clock is ticking on the possibility of a 2020 football season…and now, it’s crunch time! So today, we call on Heath Price to bring his perspective on what it will look like if football happens in the fall. Heath has worked in higher education for many years, including licensing and sportsContinue reading “Episode 32 – It’s Crunch Time”

Episode 31 – Three Rings To Rule Them All

On today’s episode, we talk to LSU Football player, Alex Aucoin, about the incredible 2019 LSU Football season. We also get a first-hand look at the 3 brand new Championship rings the players just received! Alex’s full name is Alexander, so of course we also need to talk about the cultural phenomenon that is Hamilton(1:03)!Continue reading “Episode 31 – Three Rings To Rule Them All”