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Episode 50 – Galvanizing the Team

On today’s episode, we commemorate our 50th episode by doing a half live/half Zoom recording! We’ve been working hard this year to bring you these episodes, and so it’s time to talk about naps! That’s right…naps. After that, we break down the LSU/South Carolina game and talk about some great highlights…and a few lowlights (21:04).Continue reading “Episode 50 – Galvanizing the Team”

Episode 48 – Living It up in Livingston

On today’s episode, we do a SWOTS analysis of the LSU/Missouri game and talk about what we think were the keys to the upsetting loss. Was it the defense? Was it the coaching? Was it the 11:00am start time? All valid possibilities… We also get an update on the storm damage that Hurricane Delta leftContinue reading “Episode 48 – Living It up in Livingston”

Episode 47 – He Rocked Like a Hurricane (with Jacques Doucet)

On today’s episode, we talk about the late, great Eddie Van Halen with our good friend, WAFB Sports Reporter, Jacques Doucet. (32:30) Much like Hurricane Delta (currently bearing down on Louisiana), Eddie was a force of nature on the guitar. With his blazing speed, inventive playing style, and creative songwriting abilities, he was a virtuosoContinue reading “Episode 47 – He Rocked Like a Hurricane (with Jacques Doucet)”

Episode 45 – Be Careful What You Wish For (LSU/Miss St.)

On today’s episode, we do a SWOTS analysis of the LSU/Mississippi State game. All year long we’ve been social distancing, wearing masks, and doing everything we needed to do to make sure this season happened…and then…we got to see 623 passing yards dropped on DBU. It was surreal. It was embarrassing. It was hard toContinue reading “Episode 45 – Be Careful What You Wish For (LSU/Miss St.)”

Episode 44 – LIVE Tailgate Party

On today’s episode, we’re having a LIVE Virtual Tailgate Party! We never thought this day would come, but the improbable start to the 2020 Football season is here! LSU Football is happening this weekend! And to celebrate, we’re having a virtual tailgate party with some of our good friends: Dr. T joins us to talkContinue reading “Episode 44 – LIVE Tailgate Party”

Episode 43 – We Got Gordon! (with Gordon McKernan)

On today’s episode, we call 888-8888 and talk with Gordon McKernan. If you live in Baton Rouge (or almost anywhere around Louisiana), you’ve probably seen Gordon on a billboard (or many billboards) or TV commercials taming an alligators and 18-wheelers. We talk to “G” about how he got his start in law, how he becameContinue reading “Episode 43 – We Got Gordon! (with Gordon McKernan)”

Episode 42 – In the Beginning…

On today’s episode, we’re going back to where it all began – the text thread that started it all! Blake, Tim, and Matt (and Kevin) all go WAY back, but the group chat only got started at the beginning of the 2019 LSU Football season – the greatest season in history. We revisit that forContinue reading “Episode 42 – In the Beginning…”

Episode 41 – Reckless Abandon (with Todd Kinchen)

On today’s episode, we talk with LSU Football great and former NFL Player, Todd Kinchen. Todd played in the late 80s and early 90s at LSU and was one of the brightest stars in some not-so-memorable seasons. LSU fans remember his zig-zagging TD reception against Texas A&M and his flashy punt returns. He went onContinue reading “Episode 41 – Reckless Abandon (with Todd Kinchen)”