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Since We’re On The Subject

Coming from the Deep South and the Far East, this is the only global podcast discussing a stir-fried gumbo of topics.

Three dudes. Two continents. One podcast.

Blake, Matt, and Tim met in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the late 80s. They formed friendships in the early 90s, attended LSU in the late 90s, got married (to their wives) and moved into adulthood in the 2000s. While Blake and Matt stayed in Baton Rouge, Tim ended up moving to Hong Kong…yes, Hong Kong, China.

They still text each other every day. The conversations are random: current events, music, movies, TV shows, politics, international news, philosophy, and LSU sports. The text messages turned into a podcast when, towards the end of the greatest season in LSU football history, they thought: “People need to hear what we’re talking about. It’s that important.”

If we’ve learned anything by listening to this show, it’s this:

You can take the guys out of middle school,
but you can’t take the middle school out of the guys.


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