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Since We're On The Subject

Coming from the Deep South and the Far East, this is the only global podcast discussing a stir-fried gumbo of topics.

Episode 60 – Wanna Have a Catch? (with Dwier Brown)

After a lengthy hiatus, the SWOTS team is back with a fantastic episode! Today we get to talk with actor Dwier Brown, known for his scene stealing role as John Kinsella in Field of Dreams. (26:51) That film has touched the hearts of fathers and sons for over 30 years and we get to hear…

Episode 59 – Winter Is Coming (with Dr. Josh Eachus)

It’s cold outside, so we call up Dr. Josh Eachus, the chief meteorologist for WBRZ. Since joining WBRZ, Josh has covered multiple hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, a few winter weather events, and the Great Flood of 2016. He gives us some tips on how to be ready for freezing temperatures. We also tell some Valentine’s Day…


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